Nduthi: Why the story of Kevo resonates with the Kenyan youth

Nduthi – Kevo’s hustle illustrates the story of Kevo and in part the state of life for a significant portion of Kenya’s youthful population. just like many Kenyan youth, Kevo finds himself jobless and desperate a few months after completing college. Faced by a brutally competitive job market, lack of capital and family pressure Kevo decides to get a job at a “Mjengo” site, doing hard manual labour. His goal is to work hard and go on an aggressive saving spree so as to acquire a new “Nduthi”.

Kevo begins his journey on graduation day, armed with a diploma, a will to succeed and a passion for creating a name for himself.

On this day, he is consumed by wonder and determination as he sees his prospects for a well paying job. He tosses and turns in his bed, Unable to sleep, he imagines all the doors his newly acquired academic papers will open. “Si nimesoma na nikapita, kazi nitapata” he tells himself, as he finally drifts to dreamland.

Kevo is finally settling in the “outside world”, as his uncle Boni usually reminds him “huku nje ni ngori, tunastruuugle!” but Kevo is determined, he begins an aggressive campaign of distributing his CV. Kevo is constantly on the internet applying for new opportunities and sending out his CV.

After months of “tarmaking” and perfecting the art of distributing CVs, Kevo is now under immense pressure. His parents constantly remind him that he now has academic papers, that he is an adult who should be earning and providing for a family. He compares himself to his peers who seem to have somehow made it and he feels heartbroken and crushed. The future he had imagined seems to be alive only in his imagination. Kevo decides to do something about his situation. “Sasa hakuna kuchagua kazi, ile inapatikana ndio nitafanya for now”. Kevo’s plan is to work hard and buy a brand new Nduthi.

Hours turn into days and days into weeks. Kevo takes the “Mjengo” experience as a learning and growing transitional period. After 8 long months Kevo is now an expert at “Koroga” and he now understands a lot about building and plumbing. He discovers a new liking and vows one day to own his very own building. This is Kevo’s proudest moment, armed with his savings, Kevos walks into a Nduthi dealership and acquires a brand new boda boda. He has now trully began his journey.

Lessons from Kevo for the youth

Many Kenyan youth face desperation and depression due to their academic dreams not translating to an actual job. The lesson of Kevo and his experience is to teach our youth that they can achieve anything, if only they are willing to sacrifice. As they say “If life gives you lemons, you might have to squeeze some lemonade out of them” and you probably should.

Nduthi – Kevo’s Hustle game simulates a careful balancing act between money, time and resources(fuel). As you play you have to balance in between this aspects, just as in real life. To make sure you have all the fun in the game, you unlock a quad bike, but just like in real life, you have to work hard for it, you have to break your high-score. Enjoy the game as we prepare exciting new updates!

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